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Smart Digital Classroom: New Tech for New Generation

The digital education industry is rapidly transforming to meet the needs of the ever-changing educational world, and the digital classroom looks poised to be the preferred learning environment in our schools of the future. Advances in technology, methodologies, and content delivery have created a new paradigm of teaching that has far-reaching implications on personal attitudes as well as student development.

Importance & Changes

The importance of Smart Digital Classroom for early learning is no longer a question of if, but one of when. The entrance into educational technology has never been easier with the introduction of new smart and interactive classes for the newer generation. These digital smart classroom solutions allow teachers to keep a close eye on each student’s strengths and weaknesses by allowing them to evaluate their performance through their self-assessment reports during tests and fun challenges.

Unlike the earlier education system these new tech for new generation combines multiple teaching and learning skills into one. Compared to books these techs are designed in the most user-friendly way that can be customized to each individual, allowing the user to feel more connected, use frequently, and interact with stimulation.

Significance of Digital Smart Classroom Solutions

The most important thing about smart digital classroom is that it provides flexibility and convenience for both parents and children. The parents don’t have to worry about coming to school every day as they can stay at home and watch their kids learn through videos and other digital content. On the other hand, children get engaged in virtual learning environment where they can interact with other students from across the globe as well as teachers. This helps them learn from each other’s experiences and also motivate them towards better performance.

There are several companies developing software for both teachers and students. Some of these are startups, and some are large corporations. Some of these are simply enhancing the existing platforms, while others are creating new ones from scratch. The new innovation in education is taking place on three different levels at once: classroom instruction, digital learning, and online resources. It’s an exciting time to be involved in this area.

Benefits of BubbleBud Kids’ Early Learning Management System

Developed by Dweek Studios, BubbleBud Kids is one of the latest Digital Smart Classroom Solutions in India, delivering a personalized learning experience that helps teachers and parents guide children through early childhood education in a smart and unique way, with emphasis on audio-visual learning experience. It is geared towards preschool and kindergarten kids with international curriculum and exposure in mind.

BubbleBud Kids has 100s of games and activities like interactive stories to develop LSRW (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and vocabulary skill along with inculcation of socio-emotional values in kids. While the innovative games and gamified learning experiences help the kids develop Motor, Cognitive, Creative, and Visual discerning skills.

What makes it different from other ERP systems is its Lesson Planner with gamified features to keep an eye on each student’s progress, and the Reporting feature (with analytics) to ease the administrative work of teacher, management and parents too.

We hope that you’ve found this post useful and informative. It was our intention to give you a better understanding of the growing Smart Classroom Solutions in India. We hope that you’ll be able to make a more educated decision based upon our valuable advice, and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors with BubbleBud Kids!