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School Parent Communication Software

Encouraging engagement of parents in a child’s journey

The My School App by BubbleBud Kids provides all stakeholders 100% mobile access to all necessary communication tools along with 100s of Educational Games curated for children in preschool.
It is the first ever school communication software in India that is exclusively designed keeping in mind the needs of preschool children, parents, teachers, heads and management.


Send instant notices to parents and teachers


Tell more about the kid’s behaviour in the class


Automated reminders for events in the school


Send homework with worksheets as attachments


Share media with parents from events and activities

Online Class

Conduct online classes and share recorded classes


Send planners, syllabus and activity worksheets


Provide parents a platform to share their feedback

Private and Secure Communication Ecosystem

Our 100% Mobile Communications Management system enables everyone right from the Top Management to the Parents to be able to communicate in a restricted Private and Secure environment.

Cloud storage of data enables users to access the material at any time with ease. Automated reminders to various events ensures higher participation from students.

Various tools ensure higher levels of engagement between parents, teachers and school management.