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Early Learning

Engage students in learning mapped to your school curriculum with Visually Rich and Interactive content with the first ever online learning management system for preschools.

Personalised Digital Curriculum
Early learning management system with interactive activities for kids @School and @Home

The BubbleBud Kids Early Learning Management System comprises of 100s of interactive educational games directly mapped to your school curriculum.

Our reporting system powered by Artificial Intelligence ensures parents and teachers are kept informed about the student’s performance and progress on a regular basis.


Interactive stories based on new generation morals and values to help kids improve their Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing


Interesting activities with visually rich content to help children build their vocabulary in unique and creative ways


Fun learning games that challenge the child’s reflexes while encouraging them with more difficulty levels


Innovative gamified learning experiences to enhance the logical reasoning capabilities of little ones

Socio Emotional

Next generation interactive stories with social and emotional value based morals for the children of today


Finest hand crafted visually appealing activities designed to encourage the child’s ability to visually discriminate


Our team of experts have crafted highly innovative activities allowing kids to create their own learning material enhancing their creativity

Futuristic Digital Classrooms
The UlterioRoom

The UlterioRoom is the first of its kind, interactive classroom based solution to engage kids in Audio Visual Learning experiences like never before. The digital classroom assists the teacher in providing a more life like classroom experience to students thus improving the child’s ability to grasp knowledge quickly.

The Digital Classroom covers everything from Jolly Phonics to Mathematics to Simulations of various topics taught in preschools across the globe. The Interactive Magic Cards that come with the UlterioRoom setup ensures that students are equal participants in the educational experience making it best classroom based Learning Management System.

Personalised Digital Curriculum
BubbleBud Kids Universe @Home

A technology enabled bundle of STEM Activities supported by a robust learning management system that helps develop a child’s cognitive, critical thinking, social and physical skills with the help of fun interactive games mapped with the International Preschool Curriculum.

Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games course for kids between the age of 3 – 7 years the BubbleBud Kids Universe is an innovative pedagogy in digital education. You will find 100s of activities that kids can perform and learn about the world around them or do some Math or learn English.