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How Smart Class Technology is Benefiting the Education Sector

Smart Classes and Learning Management Systems for Preschools

Since more schools are implementing technology in their classrooms, the education sector has seen a noticeable improvement in the way kids have been consuming information. Modern teaching techniques have made learning fun and engaging. This gets clear as we analyse the growth of the Edtech industry in the past few years. Exciting technology solutions have not just helped students learn better, but also enabled teachers by providing them improved ways to communicate about a topic or subject.

There are various ways in which Edtech startups have been using technology to improve the education industry. Here, we discuss a few of the most important solutions along with their impact in the lives of stakeholders involved in the educational space.

Smart Classroom Solutions

Smart classes bring books to life by revolutionising the text based experience to an enhanced audio visual experience. It is a universal truth that audio visual experience are more attractive, interesting and easy to understand. Smart classroom solutions have helped schools improve a student’s ability to understand topics better.

While smart class solutions in India have been around for quite some time, we are seeing a new wave of these solutions that are taking the learning experience to the next level with the help of Computer Vision, Augmented and Virtual Reality and other similar technologies.

These technologies give more control to the student helping them personalise their learning space. Students can now choose to dive deeper into areas that are of interest to them, work on their own weaknesses without having to wait for the teacher to address them individually. Teachers also are able to analyse the performance of each student individually and can address their strengths and weaknesses without have to test them at each different stage.

Smart classrooms have been playing a pivotal role in classroom teaching these days, but what about taking the tech back home?

Early Learning Management System

Education enabled by technology isn’t complete unless it has the potential to provide better means of managing the learning process. This is where a learning management system comes into the picture.

We at Dweek Studios have built a learning management system that integrates the smart classroom teaching with teaching at home. The learning management system is made such that it can be custom built for each institution as per their specific course flow and requirement. Below are a few benefits of the early learning management system for preschools.

Interactive Learning Experience

A learning management system built for phones and tablets allow students to interact and play the various learning activities in the form of games. Gamification of education can also play a big role in ensuring higher engagement of students in the learning activities.

Moreover, since the learning management system can be mapped with the curriculum in the school, students can perform activities as and when they are taught in the classroom on the smart class.

Easy Access to Resources

Tech enabled Learning Management Systems are available to students at any time, any where making learning more accessible.

Tracking Student Performance

Given the nature of technology, it is possible to track the activities performed by the student within the learning management system thus providing interesting insights in the form of charts to teachers and parents. Cumulative reports and stats also help schools analyse the overall performance of their school compared to the rest.

More and more schools have started adopting tech based solutions to improve the learning outcomes and this is clear from the way the Edtech sector has grown over the past few years.