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School Communication Software in India

Technology in classrooms and at home

The Reggio Emilia approach encourages a relationship driven environment which could be achieved only with the participation of parents in a child’s learning journey. For the holistic development of a child, it is our responsibility to provide parents a platform that will encourage them to stay aware of their child’s progress in a safe and secure environment.

With the help of technology, it has become extremely easy for parents, teachers and school management to easily communicate with each other. There are plenty of tools out there to help schools maintain high levels of communication with parents. While most service providers offer web applications to send emails / SMS to parents some others are also offering Android applications for easy access.

Choosing the right School Communication Software

These days, we are bombarded with options when we look for a software. Being from the education industry, it is normal to get confused about what best suits your requirement. Here, we try to give out some pointers that might help you make the right decision.

Ways of Communication

The number of smartphone users has sky-rocketed in the past year or two. This means that 99.9% of your users are now using a smartphone. At the same time, it is not necessary that all of these users have a computer. Moreover, content sent or delivered to a smartphone is much more easier to access vs content sent or delivered to a personal computer.

If you want the tool to be used to its full potential you must ensure that majority of the features are accessible from smartphones. Even though 80% of the smartphone users in India use Android phones, it is important that we don’t ignore the 20% audience that is using Apple Phones running on the iOS.

“You must pick the software that has an App that runs on all Android and iOS smartphones.”

Privacy and Security

There should absolutely be no compromise when it comes to the privacy and security of your data and that of your students. Irrespective of what platforms the software supports, the privacy and security of your data should be the top priority.

If the software has a website, you should try accessing the website and check if it has a ”Lock” icon on the navigation bar on top of your web browser. This icon is proof that the software provider cares about the security of its own data and that of its customers.

You must also sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with the service provider holding them responsible for any leak or loss of data from the system.

“Never compromise on the security of your data or that of your students.”


If you are running multiple schools, you should look for a school communication software that provides options to personalise the web admin and smartphone app with your school logo. With such a solution, you have more control over your system. It also helps you establish your school’s brand in the digital world.

“White labelling the school communication software helps build a strong online presence and brand image.”

Regular Updates

Technology is changing every hour of every day. If you want your school communication software to work at its best over a period of time, it needs to be updated regularly. Unlike other physical goods, software has a long life only if it is nurtured every now and then.

We must also understand that users easily get bored of using the same thing for months and years. So, you must be looking for a school communication software service provider who commits to update the software on a regular basis in order to stay relevant in the market. A one time purchase will not be beneficial in the long term.

“Always look forward to a service provider who is willing to update the software on a regular basis.”

If you run a Preschool and are interested in a software that has been designed for use by Preschool Teachers, Parents and Students you can read more about our Preschool Communication Software.