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Preschool Management

Managing Your Classroom

Naughty Kids, Strict Processes and all the things that lie in between! A teacher’s job is no less challenging than any other. However, you need not worry as we as educators always figure out as many methods, resources and tools as there are challenges to ensure that our children get the best education they deserve.

Irrespective of whether you are a seasoned educator or you just recently joined, the key to ensuring that your classroom time is effective, lies in your ability to manage it well.

1. Setting the right mood

The mood of the kids during your entire session depends on how they feel when they enter your classroom. In order to ensure you don’t stress out while managing the classroom, you must build a good environment right from the moment the children enter the classroom.

A smile on the face and a good morning greet to each child individually is all that is required to ensure that the enthusiasm of the children in your classroom is at its best. This will help ensure that the students are connected to you as a person in the class and not just the teacher in the class.

2. Ensuring supplies are in place

Materials can be arranged with the help of Labels, Colour Codes or in independent containers. This makes it easy for you to access the resources at ease as and when required. Before starting an activity, it is important to have all necessary supplies in place to avoid chaos and distraction while the class is ongoing.

3. Paying equal attention to all kids

“Attention” is like the Newton’s third law of motion – the more you give, the more you get. Kids in preschool are always hungry for attention and if you want to spend some valuable time with these children, you must ensure that each and every kid gets individual attention. As an educator, it is our job to ensure that every kid gets the opportunity to learn from us.

4. Use educational software for preschools

Parents are usually wondering what the child has been doing in the class and are always curious about her progress. It gets really difficult to keep the parents of the community of children up to date on the daily progress. Moreover, it is also our job as an educator to ensure that that the time kids spend with technology is well utilised. 

We at Dweek Studios have come up with the smartest preschool management app that houses not only the necessary communication tools, but also 5000+ mins of interactive learning material. These activities have been designed by experts from across the educational fraternity, keeping in mind all the different abilities possessed by each child. With our proprietary Learning Management System, schools can design their own interactive curriculum which is then made available to its students depending on their current class and level.

Our preschool management system is extremely easy to learn and adopt, not just for teachers, but is also extremely useful for all stakeholders, right from Franchisors to Centre Heads, Parents and Students. Unlike various preschool softwares that only focus on communication tools, the BubbleBud Kids preschool management system acts as a complete technology solution for future ready preschools.

Feel free to leave us a message on our Contact Us page to get a demo access to our Preschool Management App.