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Digital Smart Classroom Solutions

Improving student attention and engagement with interactive digital classes

Transform your classrooms into the futuristic interactive digital smart classroom. The UlterioRoom is a first of its kind smart classroom solution in India that not only gives your children next generation learning experiences, but also ensure student participation in the activities.The UlterioRoom is a world-class quality solution made to improve the understanding of concepts and assist teachers by providing them better ways to impart knowledge.

The UlterioRoom
Benefits of Digital Smart Classrooms

Realistic simulation experiences
Interactive educational journeys
Higher attention spans
Better student engagement
Topic-based learning
In-depth understanding of concepts
Improved grades and academic results
Fun filled learning
Safe & secure environment
Promotes student involvement

Futuristic Digital Smart Classroom
Benefits of Digital Smart Classrooms

The UlterioRoom is the first of its kind, interactive classroom based solution to engage kids in Audio Visual Learning experiences like never before. The digital classroom assists the teacher in providing a more life like classroom experience to students thus improving the child's ability to grasp knowledge quickly.

The Digital Classroom covers everything from Jolly Phonics to Mathematics to Simulations of various topics taught in preschools across the globe. The Interactive Magic Cards that come with the UlterioRoom setup ensures that students are equal participants in the educational experience.