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BubbleBud Kids Universe

Best Apps for Kids in Preschool

Complete Interactive Digital Curriculum for Preschoolers

BubbleBud Kids Universe

Best Apps for Kids in Preschool

BubbleBud Kids brings to you some of the best educational apps for preschoolers. A fine mix of well researched content and fun gamified learning experiences ensures that kids engage in productive time with technology.

The digiculum is directly linked with the International Preschool Curriculum and offers kids different ways to learn about the various topics and subjects. The best educational apps for kids follow a new age pedagogy by generating interest in a topic with the help of interactive stories and then encourages them to unlock new knowledge as they progress.

Personalised Digital Curriculum
Interactive activities for kids @School and @Home

100s of interactive educational games directly mapped to your school curriculum to ensure productive time with gadgets.

Our reporting system powered by Artificial Intelligence ensures parents and teachers are kept informed about the student’s performance and progress on a regular basis.


Interactive stories based on new generation morals and values to help kids improve their Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing


Interesting activities with visually rich content to help children build their vocabulary in unique and creative ways


Fun learning games that challenge the child’s reflexes while encouraging them with more difficulty levels


Innovative gamified learning experiences to enhance the logical reasoning capabilities of little ones

Socio Emotional

Next generation interactive stories with social and emotional value based morals for the children of today


Finest hand crafted visually appealing activities designed to encourage the child’s ability to visually discriminate


Our team of experts have crafted highly innovative activities allowing kids to create their own learning material enhancing their creativity

Explore, Learn, Grow
A Complete Educational Ecosystem

Explore our sophisticated suite of educational games and interactive worksheets, the foundation of our educational software for preschools. Each element is crafted to transform learning into an interactive adventure, combining interactive stories with learning activities and trivia to captivate and educate. 

Our preschool software goes beyond teaching; it immerses children in thought-provoking experiences that blend fun with educational value. Morals tied to United Nations Developmental Goals are embedded in each game, promoting values and knowledge simultaneously. As part of our comprehensive preschool software, these tools are meticulously designed to align with academic standards, stimulating students’ minds and encouraging a deeper understanding. 

Educators can offer personalised experiences to cater to individual needs, enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Our innovative approach makes learning a dynamic, fun, and impactful journey, fostering global awareness and preparing young minds for a bright future. Witness a remarkable improvement in learning outcomes and student engagement as we redefine education.