Solar System Kids Story - Comet Meets The Solar Family

May 23, 2016

Solar System Kids Story – Comet Meets The Solar Family

Education is most effective when there is a purpose of pursuing it. During the early years of life, children have not identified their purpose and all efforts to make them learn something make no sense. Therefore, the best way to educate them about their surroundings and the ways of life is through stories that they can enjoy listening to. One such story about the Solar System encourages children build knowledge in fun and interesting ways is “Comet Meets The Solar Family”.

Building the Foundation

The universe is vast and could be considered a complex study unless the basics are strong. For a kid, understanding the core concepts of the solar system is of utmost importance to further build knowledge about the individual elements that are known to us today and go beyond to look for more when they grow old. The story “Comet Meets The Solar Family” helps the kids understand this very basic in a way that children relate to. Interesting facts about the Sun, the Planets, Comets and most importantly how they orbit around the Sun are all parts of a story that is presented in a way that kids understand best – Play.

The Visual Appeal

While it is important to transfer the right knowledge, it is equally important to ensure that it is delivered in a way that appeals to the target audience. In the story “Comet Meets The Solar Family”, the illustrators and animators have ensured all planets look very much like the real images we have seen for the planets and at the same time are fun to look at.

The artists also came together to build innovative illustrations by identifying keywords in the story and highlighting them in the same way as the object. This new approach not only allows the kid to relate the text with the illustrations but also allows them to learn in the absence of an adult.

The Background Score

Alongside the plot, the look and feel of the story are important aspects and are the obvious elements analyzed by readers. However, there are plenty of other learnings that can’t be identified unless we go into further depth of the story. Such is the story about the friendship between the Planets and the Comet. When one is a part of a big family they are bound to face trouble as most of the members try to enter a room that can’t allow all of them. The story “Comet Meets The Solar Family” depicts a social skill of solving problems in easy and fun ways rather than running away from the issue. Even when in a corporate world, not everyone agrees with the organization’s decisions. Disagreement shouldn’t be dictatorial, rather it is important to understand the benefits of the decision and work towards a harmonious outcome.

A moral that is explained is no good moral. However, a moral that is understood is what will influence the kid’s decisions for life. Which is why we leave it up to the parents and the kids to determine their learnings from the story.

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