New Gen Kids Story - The Lion and The Mouse

May 24, 2016

New Gen Kids Story – The Lion and The Mouse

Story telling if approached in the right ways is an art that will make this world a better place to live in. Stories are a medium to connect with minds while they are still taking measures to understand the world around them. While stories educate readers about the various elements in our surroundings, they also encourage them to be better citizens of the society. One such story about a leader and a citizen is called The Lion and The Mouse.

Building the Foundation

Exploring the world around us comes naturally and is at its peak during the young age of 2 to 10 years. Giving our young ones the opportunity to pursue this urge should be at the top of our list of priorities. The Lion and The Mouse is one such story that allows children to explore what they don’t usually see – The Animal Kingdom. However, this exploration makes no sense unless they could relate to it. Which is why, the story revolves around the functioning of the animal kingdom with what they see around them.

We need to accept the fact that technology is going to fuel our growth as humans. The writer of the story has integrated the facets of technology in ways that encourage the child to know more about it at a very young age and pursue his/her interests in the same. One doesn’t need to wait to grow up until they are informed about the ways we have been using technology.

The Visual Appeal

The characters are specifically designed to appeal to children. The facial expressions during various scenes help the kid understand how people react to situations and what these reactions mean even if there is no word uttered. In our quest to transfer our knowledge about the language used for communication, the animators have tried to use a new formula called “Falling Phrases” which explain to the children the various words in the English language by entertaining means.

The Background Score

Some of the portions of the learning behind the scenes is already discussed. However, each person has a different outlook towards the learning from the story and we encourage you to share your learnings from the story rather than defining it ourselves. Learning in the story is not limited to one moral as we have usually seen through our entire lives. Every time, you watch the video, you will notice a new moral that could help yourself and your little one live a life that will contribute to a better future of humanity and the world we live in. So, start commenting here.

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