Impact of Bedtime Stories on our Children

January 25, 2016

Ever wondered what impact would a bedtime story would leave on your child? Do these stories ever affect the path that the kid would choose as he is growing? How much do these stories contribute to the evolution of our children?

A simple answer to this would be “Yes”. However, when we go to the depth of the matter, we realise that all positive and negative aspects of these stories are embedded in the kid’s head at least until he is mature enough to make his own perceptions or until someone who is respected by kid comes along to change it.

The Dream World

Bedtime Stories are the last thing a kid remembers before going to sleep. Which means, if the story has left even a small impact on the child’s brain, this is going multiply as the child dreams about the various situations expressed in the story. When the story was being narrated, the little one was on a trip to this fantasy land where he has met these characters and created in his own mind their looks, their nature and their attitude. Even though the story is forgotten the next morning, the impressions of various characters will be there for a really long time.

Navigating Life

If you are a mother, you will be aware that it is practically impossible for a kid not to love his mother. Mothers always get the highest level of love and respect by all young and old. But, wait a minute, what if a lady is a step-mother? Oh yes, this changes things upside down. So, why is there a perception that step-mothers might not be as loving as true mothers? Maybe because kids are fed this almost every day of their young lives by this extremely popular story called “Cinderella”.

If you are a step-mother and you willingly read out the Cinderella story to your little one regularly, we bow down to you for the courage you show.

Stories shouldn’t be made such that our children raise questions over relationships; stories should be such that they teach the little ones about working together in difficult situations.

The Larger Impact

Of the 100s of stories, the kid has now started having role models based on his experiences and his understanding of what is right and what is wrong. As he grows older, he starts finding these role models in real people. The child will gradually start to follow this person in every possible way. When you investigate, you will realise that there is hardly any difference between the kid’s favourite storybook character and the real role model. Role models don’t just come to life when the kid is 20 years of age, they have been there since the 1st story that was narrated to the child.

It is not too late to change things. One step at a time, join us build a world filled with positive and collaboration. Start by narrating bedtime stories that make a difference. Give up the age old classics to build a better future.

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