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  • @PreSchool

    Personalised Education for Preschool Children

  • Endless activities for preschoolers mapped with the international preschool curriculum now available on your smart devices. Transform to paperless worksheets.

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  • clunky-preschool-kids-creativity-suite

  • Clunky

    Learning Games Builder for Preschool Kids

  • Empower your little ones to create their own learning material. Clunky is the world’s first ever creative learning suite for preschool kids.

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  • solar-family-icon

  • Solar Family

    Kids Learning Games and Interactive Story about Solar System

  • Solar Family is a fun story game about the Solar System that encourages kids to learn about all the planets, the Sun and comets that are a part of the Solar System we live in.

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  • Oceania

    Kids Learning Games and Interactive Story about Sea Creatures

  • Oceania is an interactive moral story about Sea Creatures and Environmental Cleanliness. Kids learn with fun activities about the Sea Creatures and Colouring in this EduGame.

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  • Animalia

    Learning Games and Interactive Story for Kids

  • Animalia is a fun story that engages kids to learn more about animals, math concepts and technology.

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  • Short Stories and Nursery Rhymes for Kids

    Education MUST BE voluntary and NOT mandatory!!

    Download the Interactive Story Games or just browse through Short Stories for Children and Nursery Rhymes to explore a new approach to learning.

    The urge to know more about the world around us comes naturally to all biological species we know about. In order to be creative, successful, and happy in life, it is important to maintain this urge. We at Dweek Studios believe in creating experiences that encourage kids to learn about the environment around them through fun interactive activities using a medium that kids connect with the most.

    Here you will find some of the most interesting best Educational Applications, Kids Short Stories in English, Nursery Rhymes for Kids that encourage fun learning through interactive games.

  •      Short Stories for Kids in English
  •      Nursery Rhymes for Kids
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    Learning Should Never Stop!
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