• Kids Educational Nursery Rhymes by BubbleBud

     Explore the world through these fun and engaging rhymes for kids! 
  • Row Row Row Your Boat

  • Explore: Educational Stories by BubbleBud Kids

    Watch this calm and soothing Nursery Rhyme packed with characters and scenes from our very own educational stories.

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  • Explore: Ages / Eras

    “Stars are forever!” Take your kids on a journey through the various eras from Stone Age to the Medieval Age, Information Age and the Future. Understand the lifestyle, infrastructure and modes of transport in this journey of life.


  • Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

  • Explore: Numbers, Mischevious Monkeys

    The fun rhyme about five monkeys entertains kids while warning them about consequences of not being careful. Learning numbers in the ascending order is something all kids catch up with quickly, but this rhyme focuses on learning numbers in the descending order.

  • The Wheels on The Bus

  • Explore: Shapes and Seasons

    Go round and round in the coolest bus ever. Pick up shapes and experience various seasons on this epic round journey. Also learn about the various encounters while traveling in a bus. More than everything, enjoy and smile while watching this most beautifully made nursery rhyme.


  • Itsy Bitsy Spider / Incy Wincy Spider

  • Explore: Wonders of the World

    The rhyme takes kids to the various Wonders of the World alongside the Itsy Bitsy Spider. From the legendary Pyramids of Egypt to the Roman Colloseum, from the Great Wall of China to the beautiful Taj Mahal, this journey not only shows the various places, but also gives a hint of the music that is followed in these regions of the world.