• Fun Learning Games and Interactive Stories

    A revolutionary approach to digital education. Let your kids learn while having fun!
  • BB-Kids-At-Preschool

  • @PreSchool 

    Personalised Education for Preschool Children

  • Endless activities for preschoolers mapped with the international preschool curriculum now available on your smart devices. Transform to paperless worksheets.

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  • clunky-preschool-kids-creativity-suite

  • Clunky 

    Learning Games Builder for Preschool Kids

  • Empower your little ones to create their own learning material. Clunky is the world’s first ever creative learning suite for preschool kids.

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  • Solar Family 

    Gold Edition – Kids Learning Games and Interactive Story about Solar System

  • Check out the Gold Edition of the popular Solar System learning games.

    Solar Family encourages kids to learn about all the planets, the Sun and comets.

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  • Oceania

    Kids Learning Games and Interactive Story about Sea Creatures

  • Oceania is an interactive moral story about Sea Creatures and Environmental Cleanliness. Kids learn with fun activities about the Sea Creatures and Colouring in this EduGame.

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  • Animalia

    Kids Learning Games and Interactive Story about Animals

  • Animalia is a fun story that engages kids to learn more about animals, math concepts and technology.

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