What Do Kids Learn At Kindergarten

April 13, 2016

What Do Kids Learn At Kindergarten?

Here is an ultimate guide for parents who wish to know everything about kindergarten right from how to choose the right school to what kids learn in a kindergarten school. This article shall answer all your questions and worries.

Your child is ready to start his school education and everyone in the family is excited or nervous about it. So what are the things you must know before admitting him to a kindergarten school?

Age criteria: around 4-5yrs depending on the school’s criteria.

Choosing The Right School For My Child

Parents are always concerned about choosing the best school for their child. Here are some points you should keep in mind while choosing the school:

Search the local school options on internet: Read reviews by parents if available on the website. You may also want to read the content of the school website and see if they have mentioned their goals, curriculum and agenda.

Compare the locations and time to travel: It is advisable to choose a school which is more close to your home for your as well as the child’s convenience. Take a visit to the schools you might think of enrolling your child.

Study the current teachers, students and the staff members. Ask a teacher regarding the curriculum and activities they conduct in class. check the wall posts of students: it will give you an insight to the activities held in the school

Keep in mind that the child to teacher ratio is low: this allows teachers to focus on each child carefully and attentively.

Verify the policies of school and how they deal with children who might need more or less attention to develop. You might also want to consider the discipline policies of the school

Last but not the least take a look into the curriculum and activities of further grades so as to know how your child will grow being in that school.

What Will My Child Learn In Kindergarten

The basic idea of kindergarten is to develop some skills in the child and prepare them for a further formal schooling.

Main focus areas of child development in most of the schools are:

1.      Social and emotional development
2.      Language and communication skills
3.      Cognitive as well as gross and fine motor skills
4.      Intellectual and aesthetic skills
5.      Physical development

Sounds like too much for a kid, right?? Wait! They have their curriculum on a motif to build these skills in a fun and exciting way, such that the child learns it while playing and engaging in all the activities held in class with no burden or push on the kids.

Pop Up Question – What Exactly Will My Child Learn In Kindergarten?

Your answer dwells right in the curriculum of the school. According to a survey, nearly all kindergarten schools have a curriculum which involves several subjects as follows:

  1. Language: Read, write, listen and recite. Identify elements of a story such as characters, setting, plot, sequence of events and morals. Learn to communicate ideas, enunciate, articulate and pronounce correctly.
  2. Geography: shape and size of country, maps, forming a base knowledge about rivers, mountains, deserts. Names of the stars and planets
  3. History: national holidays and famous people
  4. Science: four seasons. Names of animals, insects and plants. Learn about the surrounding environment
  5. Math: numbers, addition, subtraction
  6. Social: morals and values, behaviourism, cultures and society and rules to follow.
  7. Physical and sensorial living: includes skills related to all senses such as visual, tactile, thermal, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and stereo gnosis.

How Will My Child Learn In Kindergarten

Now! We are about to give you a sneak-peak into the classroom scenario!

We are all curious to know what our child does every day in the class. What are the tools and techniques used by the teachers? How can you help your child succeed from his very first school day? How can you boost his confidence when it comes to learning? Hold on there! Take a deep breath! Here is an insight:

“See, think and wonder”

The teachers try to Create curiosity amongst children through exploration and experimenting in the surrounding environment. It helps them to explore, observe and discover on their own and develop confidence and individuality. It also allows them to express and verbalise their thoughts, feelings and impressions of world around them.

Moral values and social ethics serve an important role in their development. Hence, the child is always encouraged to take responsibility of his behaviour and learn mutual respect. He is taught to be polite and calm with others and develop a thought that every individual is special and must be treated with respect.

Here is a list of some kindergarten games:
Cause and effect games
Letter names, shapes and sounds
Attractive worksheets on different subjects
Showing them videos
Dramatic plays and music
Pattern games: repetitive words
“All about me” games
Activities related to wants v/s needs
Rhyming songs or poems
Colour mixing games
Name that noise games
Healthy living
Learning about people who help us
Meal time manners
Team work
Real v/s make believe
Read aloud words and stories
Word play
Predicting outcomes
Visualization and fantasy
Follow commands or directions
Toys and puzzles
Tracing games

Tell us about any interesting and cool ideas you might have implemented for encouraging creativity in your class.!

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