Applying Positivity in Education

January 13, 2016

When we read about educating our kids, every other expert on early education stresses on the word “Positivity”; but how many really mean that and how many of those apply it while educating children. It is not easy to keep one-self positive (or let’s say optimistic) all the time. But it wasn’t an easy task to build the internet either.

The Default Nature

We humans are born to do the impossible with it comes to innovations, inventions and discoveries. However, the inability to control our feelings has been overlooked for long.

A kid who might not like what he is being fed would start crying, and an adult put in the same situation might start an argument which could lead to a fight. Getting to the bottom of this problem makes us believe that, as kids we punish ourselves for something that is against our likings and as adults we punish others for the same. This tendency to blame others for our dislikes or our failures gives one the satisfaction of an achievement that doesn’t exist.

What/Who is positive according to you?

Some of you might be thinking about what all this has to do with applying positivity. However, it is important we look at the core of the issue before understanding its application. So, if you were an educator and you truly believe in positivity, why would you tell a story to the kids that has heroes and “villains”. Who defined villains? Villains, for ages, have been judged by their characters rather than the situations or circumstances which lead to their act. According to the Hero, the Villain is the bad guy whereas from the Villain’s point-of-view the Hero is the bad guy.

Justified negativity

One might say that the Villain follows unethical practices to accomplish his mission. Don’t the cops follow unethical means when the situation calls for it? Does that mean that they are the bad guys? Or maybe, because they are cops they have our acceptance irrespective of what they do whereas the villains are evil and ugly looking people (if you do call them so).

How to apply positivity?

So what exactly is positivity and how should one remain positive and not just preach about it? To find the answer, all you need to do is apply the following rule when you get negative thoughts about another person.

 — Just ask yourself – “Why did this happen?” and not “Who did this?”

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