Importance Of Play In Education

February 24, 2016

Experience Infinite Education Only Through Play

Why Differentiate Between Play And Education?

A preconceived notion that haunts most of us today is that learning and play are two different things. It might be true for certain methods of play followed by many today. However something that most of us would agree with is the fact that play is an important aspect of our lives. A life without play would be a life without purpose. There is no doubt, the same statement would apply to education as well. If both these aspects of life are so important, why look at it differently?

Play Is Serious Learning

Quick Question: When learning vocabulary, which is the more effective method, a text book or a crossword puzzle?

With learning resources like books and tutorials provided by online portals these days, you are just participating in finite learning. You are learning what the educator believes you need to know when you have selected a certain subject.

When you chose play as a medium of learning, you have opted for a source of education that is infinite. Taking the example of a crossword puzzle, you are bound to learn at least 10 new words while you are trying to search for the one you require.

Sports And Video Games

One might easily say that games like the crossword puzzle are exceptions, but if you look closely, sports teach us persistence, leadership, teamwork and much more. At the same time, video games help with improving our reaction time, communication, knowledge of the world we live in to list a few.

The Power Of Discovery

Learning by reading books is not the only way and probably not the best way to evolve. Experience the power of discovering through play rather than learning by books; keep yourself and your children open to education through play.


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