The Evolution of Education

January 11, 2016

We live in an age of communication and collaboration. Unlike the days of the past, today, we fight to contribute more towards this world rather than taking our share of the land that is. When everything else has changed course, let’s put some thought to the evolution of education?

Education Today

Majority of the fables, folk-tales, myths and fairy-tales we read out to our children today were written during a different age and project the issues faced in an entirely different timeline. Not that these are outdated and shouldn’t be read out to our kids any more, but it is high time we also move on to show our children the world we live in today and prepare them for a future that we see sustainable, and not a future that our ancestors had envisioned.

The Age of…

It is not strength nor intelligence that is considered as the skill that brings you power, fame and popularity any more. The kid that believes in sharing will stand out of the crowd in the world that is becoming. Why then, are we still reading out the same old stories that led us to where we are today. Why haven’t the stories we tell our kids evolved to build a better future?

Are you still waiting for the evolution to happen?

Every other person in this world speaks about global warming, terrorism, poverty and other issues we face today. Isn’t it our job to educate our children about the challenges they will face if they continue to live the way we have lived? It is said that during the initial three years of life, a human’s brain is far more active than that of a University student. What are we waiting for then! Let’s educate our kids and help them stop making the same mistakes we have made. Let’s not rely on the age old stories that were told to us when we were growing up.

Time has come to take things into our own hands one more time in order to carve the path that the next generation will proudly walk upon in the years to come.

Be the evolution you want to see!!

Education today is being treated as a mandate to achieve success rather than a purpose for evolution. If we wish to make a difference tomorrow, we need to work today.

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