Is it Pre-School Time for your Kid?

January 19, 2016

With increasing importance of education parents are at times inclined to start their kid’s education at the soonest. But the golden question here is, “Is the kid ready for pre-school?”

Rather than answering simply to this question, it would be better if we ask ourselves about how we wish to develop our child. Do we want to force her into something that we believe is the right thing to do, or do we want her to prepare herself for the upcoming challenges. A bit of both would the the best way to go, is what we feel.

Pre-School Activities

So, how exactly does a pre-school help the kid develop? The obvious answer is through activities. Activities are only possible if your kid is able to communicate with the school staff and her peers. If your kid is able to communicate well within the family, it is time she explores the environment that might not always be caring. In a case where the kid is not able to communicate well within the family, it might be time to put her out of her comfort zone. Maybe, that is how she would learn.

Proactive Learning

Another important aspect which you should understand is, whether your kid is still dependent on what you teach, or is she proactive when it comes to learning. To resolve any doubts, here is the question you should ask – does she learn by observing others? The question we raised here is just to understand your child better. The decision is based on your expectations from her. Do you wish to push your child to achieve quicker results, or do you want your child to go at her pace?

Make the choice that you won’t regret…

All of us live a balanced life. We have our highs and our lows. A child who might have done exceedingly well at school might end up working for a dropout entrepreneur. It doesn’t matter how soon you start your child’s education; what matters is how your child evolves. We are in no mood to influence your decision of whether your kid is ready to go to pre-school or not. All we try to do through is article is, tell you that you know your kid best and a decision you take will be for the best future you see for your child. Take the decision that you won’t regret, because it is something you will be living with all your lives.

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