Developing Motor Skills In Toddlers

March 1, 2016

What Are Motor Skills?

The ability of a person to be able to use her muscles to perform an action. These are again divided in fine and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills are the smaller body movements like lifting a spoon, turning a page etc. whereas gross motor skills are the bigger movements like crawling, jumping etc.

Importance Of Motor Skills

The development of motor skills during early years is of utmost importance to ensure the child’s ability to be able to handle complex tasks as she grows. While these skills could be and will be developed naturally, further efforts by parents and teachers would help refine these quicker. The way these skills evolve in a child defines what the child will be as she grows older. For ex. a child with excellent motor skills could be a great craftsman.

Encouraging The Kid To Develop Motor Skills

Rather than forcing the child to learn something, it is always better to encourage her to learn it on its own. The same applies to motor skills as well. It is important for the parent to present to the kid situations that would encourage the child to perform specific movements to develop both fine and gross motor skills.

Developing Motor Skills By Play

There are no fixed set of actions that a child should perform on a regular basis in order to master the hand movement and hand-eye coordination. It is the fun games that involve the child and encourage her to perform actions that will make her happy. Fun games and activities is what will develop our children to be what they want to be as they grow older. Find out the ones that are most appreciated by your kid and you will see better results at the end of the activity each time it is completed.


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