Brain Development From Birth Until 3 Years of Age

February 6, 2016

Brain Development From Birth Until 3 Years of Age

There are some things that we can’t explain even though we experience it ourselves. One such body phenomenon is the development of our brains. In a previous article, we had written about a sizzling fact that stated that a child’s brain during the age of 0 – 3 is far more active than that of a university student. In this one, let’s dig a little into this fact.

The Mesh called Brain

During these early years of one’s life, the brain is busy designing itself. But, the question arises, how does the brain design itself? After all, it is the brain that does all the designing for the rest of our lives! The answer is quite simple – the kid’s genes guide the designing process, while the environmental experiences become the building blocks. This mesh in the kid’s head grows twice as much as that of an adult to eventually shed some of its weaker connections as the kid grows.

Impact of Experiences on Brain Development

Naturally, a car would zoom only as fast as it’s engine would allow. The nature, behaviour and attitude of a child will be defined based on these early experiences. Now, let us imagine a child who has an angry family member. Depending on the guidance the brain receives from the genes, the child would either develop a phobia to anger or adapt to the situation and be someone with anger management issues. Which one of the two do you want your kid to be? Most would agree with “Neither of the two”.

Making Good use of this Knowledge

What good is knowledge that is not used to build a better world? When with your kid, ensure that your negative feelings are not set free till an extent that would leave a mark on your kid’s future.

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