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  • Don’t restrict your kids’ creativity to Colouring and Music. Empower your kids to create their personalised learning material and challenge their ability to complete educational activities. Clunky is a first ever Create & Learn Suite for Preschool Children.

    – Tap | Swipe | Drag is all it takes for kids to develop creative activities
    – 4 Game Types
    – 19 Characters to customise
    – 18 Environments to set the theme
    – 100s of Child Development Games to be built by your little ones
    – New content to explore each month

    Clunky is a kids robot. Preschool kids love to play learning games with Clunky until one day all his memory is wiped off. This is when the kids decide to take control and create new games for Clunky all by themselves.

    – Choose from a wide range of activities
    – Select and customise characters
    – Choose from a wide range of LIVE environments

    – Play the personalised learning games
    – Have fun with cool animations

    – Kids learn as they build and complete the learning activities
    – Develop skills: Pre-math, Math, Language, Tracing – ABC, Environmental Sciences, Logic, Memory, Pre-writing Patterns and many more.

    – Jigsaw Puzzles
    – Memory Games
    – Pattern Recognition
    – Counting
    – Tracing ABC (Coming Soon)
    – Prewriting Patterns (Coming Soon)

    Preschool kids can choose from a wide variety of characters and environments to personalise their learning experience and never miss out on learning on a topic due to lack of resources.

    – Animals
    – Cars
    – Food Items (Coming Soon)
    – Sea Animals
    – Outer Space

    – Cities
    – Jungles
    – Deserts
    – Mountains
    – Beaches
    – Space
    – Villages (Coming Soon)

    BubbleBud Kids is the Early Childhood Education initiative by Dweek Studios to provide the children today an alternate approach to education. BubbbleBud Kids creates educational content through its philosophy of “Create | Play | Learn | Explore” giving children in kindergarten a parallel learning ecosystem while making the most of the technology available today. The organisation believes in “Flexible Education – Education that adapts to the interests of the child pursuing it” and is committed to creating content for that delivers to this ideology.

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