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    • Families Benefitted

      More than 60,000 families from across the globe have been using EduGames developed by BubbleBud Kids.

    • User Engagement (Mins)

      With EduGames from BubbleBud Kids, you ensure 15 mins of productive learning time when kids engage with technology.

    • Life Time Value (Years)

      Kids can learn and play with the EduGames for as long as they are in the preschool – Nursery, Junior KG, Senior KG.

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  • BB Kids - An Advanced Preschool Curriculum

    Align your school curriculum to the growing use of technology.
    Nurture your children’s urge for learning through innovative practices.
    Become one of the first few to encourage productive use of technology.
    Adopt a World-Class solution designed for the Indian children.
  • Transform Into A SuperSchool

    • Futuristic Learning

      Introduce alternative methodologies for learning by making the most of technology. BubbleBud Kids @School provides world-class learning resources at the touch of your fingers.

    • Solve Parent Problems

      Parents are always concerned about their kids spending time with gadgets that isn’t really productive. BubbleBud Kids @School provides content that is fun and educational.

    • Care 4 Children

      Provide the best resources to your students to groom them for future education. Adopt BubbleBud Kids @School to help them become Smarter, Creative and Autonomous.

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